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House Trekkan Family
Any picture portrayed here can be removed by emailing
Ka'Vid Duv_Vestai Trekkan it will be removed ASAP
Any Family member who wishes their picture posted
Ka'Vid Duv_Vestai Trekkan

                                      First Epetai                              Commander & exMatriarch Leetra sutai-Trekkan
Karhel epetai Trekkan Current Epetai House Trekkan

Major Ha'Vok vestai-Trekkan
Member House Trekkan
Marine Commander IKV Devastator

Lieutenant Colonel Krupp vestai-Krull
Gin'tak of House Trekkan

Adm. Kragtowl zantai-Trekkan
Lt. Kra'Kar vestai-Trekkan
Lt.Cmdr. K'Tully zantai-Trekkan

Commander K'Tully sutai-Trekkan
IKV Naked Stars of Kansas City

Marine Lieutenant Colonel ManglaK sutai-Trekkan
KPV Night Prowler

Lt. Cmdr. Kurrogg vestai-Trekkan

Lt. Cmdr KheyRa vestai-Trekkan
IKV Spirit of Glory of England

Lt. Cmdr. Japa vestai-Trekkan
IKV Shadowhawk of Des Moines

Lt. Kupung vestai-Trekkan

Lt. Chang vestai-Trekkan

Lt. Kekhlan vestai-Trekkan
IKV Havoc of Wales

Lt. Cmdr Kaakran vestai-Trekkan
IKV Belligerent of Japan

Lt. Tre'bor vestai-Trekkan
IKV Twin Daggers of Sweden

A'Wala Vestai Trekkan XO IKV Blood Sword
Ka'Vid Duv_Vestai Trekkan DaHar Master Captain IKV Blood Sword

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