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The Trekkan line is open to all the different variations of Klingons. Joining the house is as simple as petitioning (writing a letter or filling out the form below) to the house epetai or house proctor. Also the recommendation from a Trekkan member or the request of a superior officer is also another method of petitioning. Once contacted and have read the responsibilities and duties of the Trekkan line and agree to uphold the honor of the house, acceptance is usually quick after that point.

LINE MOTTO / CREED:  The Trekkan line has always tried to live up to the following motto:

(Honor and Success)


This is not as bad as it sounds! If you can follow the guidelines below, the duties will bring glory to your career.


The responsibilities are not that serious but should be followed as much as possible to maintain the past, present and future of the line. As with every major house or line, one member is usually designated to keep track of the line members. This role is known as the "House Proctor", who is in charge of keeping the records for the line. So long information gets to either the House Proctor or the Epetai, the line’s history and records are maintained. Here are the responsibilities:

Ja'Krinda be'Suvwl sutai-Trekkan
House Proctor for the Trekkan Line
Communications Officer of the IKV 'Suvwl' po
Member of Stormrider Fleet, KAG
Co-Moderator Klingon Warriors and Trekkan Groups


Please send an email to the HOUSE PROCTOR  Assistant
with all the information listed below it will help us to establish and maintain contact!

NOTE: This will be used for contact information for Epetai and House Proctor ONLY!

  1. Your full name:
  2. Your email address:
  3. Your Age: (Optional)
  4. Your Birth-date: (Optional)
  5. Address:
  6. City/Town:
  7. State/Prov.:
  8. Post./Zip Code:
  9. Country:
  10. Your full phone number: (Optional)
 Klingon Information

  •  Your full Klingon name:
  •  Klingon organizations or groups you currently belong:
  •  Your present rank or title:
  •  Are you an Imperial, Human Fusion, Romulan Fusion Klingon or Other?
  •  If "Other", please give description:
  •  Any Questions or Comments: