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Greetings and Welcome to the House of Trekkan! The following information will provide you with the history (fictional and fact), description of house emblems, requirements, duties/responsibilities and alliances that come with being part of the Trekkan Line. I, Kragtowl, Da'Har Master, first epetai of the House and Line wish you success (Qapla’) and honor (Balth) and look forward to those stories of your glories and accomplishments that can be added to the history of our House!


(Fictional)----The TREKKAN Line’s beginnings originate with the first Klingon Emperor, Kahless epetai-Riskadh. As Kahless took power he realized the importance of having an elite guard to act as bodyguards, personal shock troops and executioners. His rise to power had developed many rivals and enemies, so that the establishment of the Imperial Guard came into being. The Imperial Guard consisted of his most trusted comrades from the Imperial Fleet, among them, Korvak sutai-Trekkan. During the development of the Guard, Korvak earned the position of second-in-command by trial by combat. As executive officer, he was chief executioner of the Empire. He saw that all traitors of the Empire joined Fek’lhr in Gre’thor thus earning the name "Fek’lhr’s Advocate".

Since during the reign of Kahless, the Klingon Empire expanded through the realms of space, so did the Trekkan Line. Because of the family’s tie to the Imperial Guard and the empire’s Chief Executioner, those Trekkan’s that went to space served as Security personnel aboard many of the starships. Thus ensuring that the Empire’s interests were met during this expansion and to quell any act of mutiny or treason, the Trekkan Line earned distinction as an honorable house.

When Kahless died in his glorious battle in the first Klingon/Romulan war, many of the Imperial Guard was with him, including Korvak, epetai of the House of Trekkan. With Korvak’s death, the rite of leadership of the line was passed to Kmok, eldest son of Korvak. Under Kmok’s control, the Trekkan Line not only served in the Imperial Guard and Security branch but also expanded to the Imperial Gathering Services, which later became "Imperial Intelligence". In his tenth year as Line Leader, the rival house of "Tovan" assassinated Kmok. His brother, Kargon assumed leadership and vowed revenge on the Tovan line. The "Tovan" line had strong ties to the Imperial Marines and because of the treacherous plot by the Tovan Line, distrust developed between Navy and Marine personnel.

The feuding and rivalry between the Trekkan and Tovan continued for three quarters of a century until, Capt. Kraas zantai-Trekkan challenged General Morgath epetai-Tovan to personal combat over the death of his son, Kraz who had been working for Imperial Intelligence gathering information about the General’s plot to kill off the line heirs of most of the powerful houses. Kraas died in combat but not before taking the General’s head. The only son left to Kraas was Krotawl, who had just earned his rite of ascension. As Line leader he took over as Lt. Krotawl vestal-Trekkan. Because the Tovan line had no blood heir, Krotawl claim all property and holdings thus ending the Tovan line.

The Trekkan line loss favor under the leadership of Krotawl because the increased wealth and power corrupted the young warrior. As he grew old, he poorly gambled much of the gained wealth away and unwisely managed the house. His disgrace was felt throughout the line and his sons, Kragg and K’Tawl were not given much respect in their service in the Fleet. K’Tawl was killed in battle during one of the first encounters with the Federation. Kragg earned the honorific of "sutai" and his first starship command when he heard of his father’s honorless death of old age. Realizing his duties as Line leader, he began rebuilding the honor and wealth of the Trekkan Line. Staying only long enough to consummate a union with his promised mate, Kragg returned and brought much glory to the line on the Romulan Border. His mate gave birth to twin boys, Kaas and Kragtowl. Both developed into young warriors while growing up on the starfortress Kaskall. Kragg was commander of the starfortress and between his raids on the Romulan Border; he made an effort to relay the history of the Trekkan line to his sons. Both Kaas and Kragtowl achieved their rite of ascension and entered the Imperial Star Academy. Kaas excelled in his studies and finished at the top of his class, while Kragtowl was an above average student, was shadowed by his brother’s accomplishments. Now, it came time for their first cadet cruise and because Kaas had done so well, he was put aboard the IKV Stormrider which was going on an exploration mission just over the boarder of the Gamma quadrant. A disappointed Kragtowl was given the IKV Emperor’s Pride, which was on military patrol in the disputed Triangle area. The Triangle area was a section of space, which was claimed by the Klingons, Orions and Romulans.

Upon his return for graduation from the academy, Kragtowl learned that the IKV Stormrider had disappeared with all hands. Kragg was devastated by the loss of one of his sons by unknown reasons and requested re-assignment to the Gamma quadrant. Kragtowl graduated and was put back aboard the IKV Emperor’s Pride in the security department. About one year after the disappearance of Kaas, Kragg encountered the race known as the "Kinshaya". Requesting reinforcements, Kragg began the war with the race he blamed for the loss of his son. The war raged for six years without one Kinshaya ever being captured alive. Due to the tension growing on the Federation and Romulan borders, all battle fleets were with drawn from the unexplored Gamma quadrant.

During these years, Cmdr. Kragtowl had advanced in the ranks and become Security Chief aboard the IKV Emperor’s Pride. On his last tour of duty aboard the Emperor’s Pride, he uncovered a plot of mutiny by the first officer and marine commander who were turned over to Imperial Intelligence for the traitorous act. Capt. Kragtowl received his own command and the privilege of naming new steel known as the IKV Devastator. He served in the Gamma quadrant with his father and fought many a battle against the mysterious Kinshaya race. His father’s hip, the IKV Reign of Honor was destroyed in front of his eyes as the last of the Kinshaya withdrew from Klingon space. He brought back the remaining section of his father’s battle fleet to the starfortress and relayed the glorious death of Kragg to his family. Being the only blood heir, he assumed the leadership of the Trekkan line. For his efforts, he received the honorific of sutai and was transferred to the Triangle frontier.

During a routine inspection of a cargo vessel, he discovered a shapeshifter in the disguise of the Emperor. Upon his discovery, he collected information that connected members of the high command in a conspiracy with the renegade Klingons known as the Imperial Klingon States (IKS). Upon the relinquishing the gathered material to Imperial Intelligence, he was given the honorific of zantai. Imperial Intelligence then used him as a deep cover operative within the Triangle. The details of the mission are classified but upon his return he was promoted to Admiral and assigned as Commander of the Imperial Guard. Once again, a Trekkan served in distinction in the Guard and with his continued service to the empire he was bestowed the title of "Imperial Admiral". He then was asked to assist Thought Admiral Kris epetai-Kurkura as second-in-command of the KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP and was given the title "Grand Admiral". After a time, he took a leave of absence, where he mated with Leetra but yearned to return to battle.

The Imperial Guard was dissolved due to the lack of an emperor and the founding of the High Council made up of the ruling lines. Admiral Kragtowl was recalled to active duty for the KAG/Starfleet war and upon his return, he requested a boon. Since the Imperial Guard was no more, he asked if the Trekkan line could adopt the Imperial Guard emblem as its Line symbol. Since the Trekkan line had always served with glory and honor, his request was granted. Now the once glorious symbol of the Imperial Guard serves as the Line symbol of an old and established house of the Klingon Fandom! As his service continued, he was given the responsibility of "Naval Commander" over all KAG Naval Fleets as well as "International Commander". After serving two years in that capacity, he was given the title of Deputy Commander of KAG. Due to political unrest, he attempted to serve KAG to the best of his abilities. Continuing to see that no matter what he tried, this would not end. He resigned as Deputy Commander. At a later date, he resigned from KAG and his rank as "Admiral".

Not giving up on the Klingon Empire, he earned the title of "Da'Har Master" and continues his work with HomeWorld. He has an advisory position in the Klingon Strike Force as a member of thier Diplomatic Corp.

(Fact)----The Trekkan line was founded in 1984. It was the line name that I used when I created my first character in FASA Star Trek Role-playing System, KLINGONS. There are those who believe that the "Trekkan" name was taken from the "Trek" with "kan" added. This is not the situation. The line name was a variant of the warrior race from the movie "Heavy Metal". The last adventure in the movie was about Taarna, who was a descendent of the warrior race known as "Trakkens", who full filled her vow of revenge since she did not get a chance to protect. I switched the two vowels in the name and the Line of Trekkan was created.
Part of the fictional history above was some of the role-playing adventures my character had which sort of gave a good history for the persona. When I founded the IKV Devastator in Hampton, VA in 1985, I used my Klingon character that I had created in the role-playing system for my persona. This is when the Trekkan line began as a true House of the Klingon Empire.


old logoThe original Trekkan emblem was designed from a unique sword pin with the Imperial Trefoil superimposed on it. Based on the fictional history the emblem is comprised of the execution sword use by the first Trekkan in the Imperial Guard and the Klingon emblem known as the "Komerx Stella" (FASA Reference). The sword is gold in color with the trefoil in the original colors from the Original STAR TREK series.

new logoThe new Trekkan emblem was designed from a belt buckle with four (4) horn designs from two pair of women’s earrings with the trefoil superimposed upon it. This was originally the IMPERIAL GUARD emblem, which was design to represent the whole empire. Each horn depicts one of the four quadrants stretching to expand under the superimposed Komerx Stella. The circle is the Imperial Guard protecting and binding the Empire. The horns are black with the circle in gold. The trefoil in the new traditional colors of red and black.


Just as allies are need in war, alliances in the Klingon culture bind those houses together for the benefit of the Empire and for their mutual benefit. Such is the case of the Septaric and Trekkan lines. The agreement between these two houses maintains the culture of the Klingon Empire and strengthens the bonds between these lines.

Aligning houses is a not something that is done lightly! It requires a lot of trust between the lines and the combined agreement on policies that they follow. No major commitment should be made without consulting the Epetai of the allied house. Once the bond is forged, it means that each line is sworn to come to the aid of the other, one line’s enemy is now the enemy of both and that the bond can not be broken unless by the mutual consent of the house Epetais. The following is the agreement between the Epetais of these two houses as told by Admiral Kroesh zantai-Septaric. The emblem that precedes the alliance statement is the design used by the Septaric line.



Of all the major families of the Klingon Empire two were destined to form an alliance, these are the Septaric and Trekkan. When one studies the structures of these two houses they will learn that a natural affinity would develop even without the agreement between their mighty line epetais. The similarities in background, their Imperial Guard associations, plus the type of warriors each attract are all strong reasons why each house married into the other or developed trusted allies between their houses.

Both houses base their foundations on the belief that total loyalty to the Klingon Empire brings Glory to the family. Trekkan is an old name with many powerful warriors guiding the house through times of battle and peace. Each time insuring the loyalty to the Empire was maintained. Septaric is a newer name with an admiration of many of the old ways, especially loyalty to the true leaders of the Empire. Together both houses demand totally loyalty of their warriors-loyalty to them and the Empire.

Even though the Imperial Guard was considered to be unnecessary, then dissolved, both lines remember and practice their ways. The Guard’s history is taught to its members and the old ways are still practiced. This does not mean they live in the past. No, it means they remember what made Klingons strong, why Glory and Honor are important, and why it is important to protect the ways of the Klingons.

This is why even the symbols of both lines are so deeply rooted in the Imperial Guard culture. Today the Trekkan use the old Imperial Guard symbol for their line while the Septaric Eye of the Dragon was developed from the symbolism of the Imperial Guard. Both symbols demonstrate they still honor the Imperial Guard.

Since the two houses are similar in makeup it is not surprising that they tend to attract, and accept warriors which would be compatible. Both lines strive to attract young, powerful, aggressive warriors willing to defend their brothers and sisters, their line, their Empire. These warriors are then trained and develop into powerful leaders throughout the Klingon Empire. Indeed both lines are powerful.

So it is not uncommon for warriors to be attracted to mates from either house. Lately consorting and bonding between the two houses had become more common, in fact more likely than with any other line.

It came that the epetais, Kragtowl and Kroesh, sat to discuss the future of these two mighty clans. Both agreed that it was good that bonds developed between their two families therefore they would continue to encourage warriors to select their mates from either line. Also it was agreed that there was no need to hide information from either group since both were honorable and believed in the same goals.

Thus it came to be that both houses announced their alliance. Now the enemies of one were the enemies of both. The other equally welcomed the supporters and allies of one. Also from that day forth communications were freely exchanged and activities were coordinated so each worked as a power unit. Their houses remain separate, but their ways are as one - they are true Klingons of KAG.

The Alliance was formed between the epetais
Admiral Kragtowl zantai-Trekkan
Admiral Kroesh zantai-Septaric
In Year of Kahless 9504.29