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David & Gayla Taylor

2329  The boy who would be Ka'Vid is born on Khitomer.

2330 The girl who would be A'Wala is born on the Southern Islands of the planet Kronos.

2346  Ka'Vids House & Family names are lost in the Romulan assault  which destroyed the Klingon outpost on Khitomer.  He is 16, two years short of his Age of Ascension. He and a small number of children are the only survivors of the Khitomer massacre. They are on a ancient transport with a damaged drive core. There chance to reach Qonos is so small as to be insignificant, but there parents think it is better then the chance of surviving on Khitomer at Romulan hands. The older boys take control & do there best to keep the ship on course. All were close to death from warp core radiation when they were intercepted by ships of the Home Guard. One of the officers who's Family crest was the old Imperial Guard emblem was impressed by the bravery & Honor of the boys & when DNA scans showed them to be of pure imperial blood he enrolled them in the Imperial Star Academy as his sons.

2330 - 2343  For her first thirteen years A'Wala lived with her family's retainers on the Southern Islands.  Her father is a Captain of a wet navy patrol ship whose duty is to patrol around the islands of DeathStrike base & to guard the penal colony on the island of Silvi.  A’Wala’s mother is killed in the line of duty aboard a D-7 class ship in battle with a Romulan fleet.  A'Wala is given high honors and is given the right to attend the Imperial Star Academy.

2347   It is time for he who would be Ka'Vid to walk the river of blood.. The Home Guard officer is there, & with consent of the Epetai of House Trekkan he was offered brotherhood in the house of TREKKAN. He walked the river of blood with pride & courage & was given the name of Ka'Vid Trekkan. Ka’Vid's first ship was the recently recommissioned IKV Stormrider. Ka'Vid was full of pride when he found that Kaas Trekkan had been one of the warriors lost on the original vessel. He swore a Blood oath that he would bring honor to both his new House & Line Brother. It was on this ship he met A'Wala Lorenssith who's life path  would soon merge with his.

2348 It is time for she who would be A'Wala to walk the river of blood.  Because of her mothers glorious battle record & because she walked the river of blood with pride & courage she is named A'Wala after her mother & is offered a position on the recently recommissioned IKV Stormrider.  A'Wala swears an oath to bring honor to her mother, her ship & the EMPIRE. It was on this ship she meets Ka'Vid Trekkan who's life path would soon merge with hers.

2348 - 2367 A'Wala  & Ka'Vid serve with honor & pride.  They rise quickly in rank & Honor our awarded many battle decorations including two Slivers & one Gold Bat'leth.  When K'mpec dies & Gowron was named leader of the Klingon High Council.  A'Wala & Ka'Vid perform the jIH dok/maj dok.  A'Wala gives Ka'Vid her jinaq. A’Wala’s had been in her family for many, many generations and was shaped like a qul lung (fire lizard) which closely resembles a terrain dragon.

2368 - 2372     The Duras family attempts to gain control of the Klingon High Council plunging the empire into a brief civil war Ka'Vid, A'Wala, & there shipmates fought with honor against them. Ka'Vid & A'Wala continue to prove themselves great warriors. They are honored & become well known by there fellow warriors. They were part of the honor guard on Qonos when the clone of Kahless the Unforgettable was installed as the ceremonial Emperor of the Klingon people. Ka'Vid was XO of one of Gowron’s squadrons when he invaded the Cardassisan Empire. Later he is given command of his own d-7 (IKV Talon) with A'Wala as his XO for the attack on DS9 which breaks the Klingon / Federation peace treaty signed at Khitomer

2373      During an attack on Cardassisan shipping lines Ka’Vid's ship is severely damaged by Dominion vessels. Most of his crew are killed, A'Wala & A few others are placed in SA  all communications are out. Once again Ka'Vid pilots a ship for Qonos with a leaking warp core & little or no chance of help. Unaware that Gowron has reinstated the Klingon / Federation peace treaty, Ka'Vid attempts to elude Federation vessels who detect his cloaked ship & try to hail him. Realizing he can never reach Qonos Ka'Vid uncloaks & attacks. The federation vessels disable his ship. When they board Ka'Vid attacks, defending A'Wala & his shipmates with his Bat'leth until the Federation marines stun him. He and surviving crew mates are taken to the nearest Federation outpost, DS9.  Ka'Vid is removed from SA. He is met by A'Wala & the DR’s of DS9. He is told that due to the radiation he received as a child & the dose he received in the attack they are unable to regenerate his spinal cord.  Upon hearing this Ka'Vid asks A'Wala to join him in the Hegh'bat Ceremony. Plans are made for the ceremony. However a request is received from the High Council on Qonos. Ka'Vid & A'Wala are requested to postpone the ceremony till he can met with them. When Ka'Vid & A'Wala arrive on Qonos they are met by representatives of Gowren, Kahless, & the high council & are taken to the council chambers.

2374      Ka'Vid is asked to forgo the Hegh'bat Ceremony.  He is asked to continue his service, even though he is disabled, to the empire by becoming a councilor at large. His duties will be varied & at the will of the council. A'Wala is asked to take the vows of a diplomat, thus putting a councilor & diplomat on a vessel which can be dispatched to ANY trouble spot in the empire at a moments notice. When not on council businesses they will be roving trouble shooters for the empire. They will be given a special ship, built & modified just for there mission by the Lorenssith Family ship yards & Ka'Vid is given a powerful chair to carry him where he needs to go. Both glad to stay together agree at once & are taken to there new ship. It is the IKV Blood Sword a B'REL class Bird of prey. As soon as A'Wala has taken the vows of a diplomat & been awarded the rank of senior ambassador they take off from Qonos

to Serve & Protect the EMPIRE.


Age of Ascension:     On a personal level, the rite of ascension is, perhaps the most significant of all Klingon rituals. It is only by undergoing this rite, that a Klingon may take their place within Klingon society as a warrior. In many ways, the rite of ascension is comparable to the rituals, which the ancient Terrain knights underwent to win their spurs. The Klingon initiate is also expected to express their innermost feelings, a task made even more challenging by the use of pain sticks. The initiate prepares for the final rite over several days, during which, they perform several minor rituals. The climax of the rite of ascension involves the initiate making their way between two lines of warriors whose job it is to prod them with pain sticks. As the initiate makes their way toward a brazier marking the end of the trial, they are expected to search their innermost feelings, and banish their fears and doubts while reciting the following: "DaHjaj SuvwI'e'jIH. tlgwIj Sa'angNIS. Iw bIQtIqDaq jIjaH." ("Today I am a Warrior. I must show you my heart. I travel the river of blood.") Back

jIH dok/maj dok:     The Klingon marriage ceremony is a simple affair which usually entails the two parties donning ceremonial robes, then standing before a celebrant or witness. One of the couple (usually the female) then declares "jIH dok" (my blood) to which the other responds "maj dok" (our blood). Back

JINAQ: Traditional Klingon jeweled amulet, given to a daughter when she comes of age to take a mate. Back

SA: (suspended animation): the practice of freezing warriors so they take up less room & use no resources. It is also used for injured crewmen. Back

Hegh'bat Ceremony:    Within Klingon society, suicide is seen as a dishonorable death. However, there are certain circumstances that allow for an individual to perform a type of ritualized suicide known as the Hegh'bat ceremony. If a warrior is unable to stand and face there enemies, or has been dishonored in some way, they have the right to request a close friend or relative aid them in the Hegh'bat ceremony. It is the duty of the second person to hold a ceremonial knife before the warrior, while indicating the reason why he has chosen to die. The warrior then impales himself on the knife. Unlike the Terrain form of ritualized suicide which was practiced in ancient Japan, the person who wishes to die never actually touches the knife. After the warrior is dead, the person acting as second, removes the knife and wipes it on their sleeve. In the Japanese seppuku ritual, it is the person wishing to die who holds the knife. Perhaps the reason for this subtle but significant difference could be that in having the second hold the knife, the act, becomes a joint, spiritual experience which transcends the concept of suicide per se, thus making it acceptable to a society which generally frowns upon suicide. Back