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Imperial Klingon Vessel Blood Sword

created by Lieutenant Junior Grade QomaSS Vestai-TrekkanWho are Muskogee's Klingon's?  The Imperial Klingon Vessel (IKV) Blood Sword is Muskogee OK's chapter (ship) of the race known & feared galaxy wide as Klingons. We are a multi-purpose non-profit fan club based on Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry. We enjoy a wide variety of activities and pride ourselves for a strong sense of community involvement.

Our ship mottoes are "Honor through diversity & Death before DISHONOR".

The I. K. V. Blood Sword is a SPECIALLY modified B'rel class scout. The refit was done by the LORENSSITH family shipyards.  Her statistics can be seen on the STATS page.
We stand ready to serve the EMPIRE and the KLINGON race.

Captain Ka'Vid Sutai - Trekkan - C/O IKV Blood Sword
  Senior Diplomat A'Wala Sutai -Trekkan - XO & Ships Diplomat
  Lieutenant Po'Yay Vestai-Trekkan - Communications Officer
Ensign K'trelan Tai - Trekkan-Security & Navigation
Ensign Lukara Tai
- Trekkan-Chief Medical Officer
Ensign David A. Taylor

  Ensign Ryan A. Neuzil
Crew Woman in Training Macy Lynne Bynum
Membership with the IKV Blood Sword is open to anyone with Honor & Pride.

Muskogee's Klingons are HONORED to moderate an email list for KLINGONS & anyone interested in klingons.  It is a forum for telling about klingon lives, stories, jokes, and anything of interest to KLINGONS.
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If you need a SNAIL MAIL address for the Klingons write to:
617 Emporia Street
Muskogee, Ok 74401
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