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Lorenssith Experimental Model (LEX-1)

Class Name                 - B'REL BIRD OF PREY

Classification             - Scout

Origin                         - Klingon Type FS (B'REL Scout)

Model Number         - LEX1

Number in Service     - 1

Designation                 - IKV Blood Sword

Mission                        - Intrusion, Reconnaissance, & Assault


Length - 51 m  Beam - 85 m    Draft - 17 m   Displacement - 42,000 Mt.    Cloakable - yes

COMPLEMENT     Crew = 5        Most Navigation & Weapons = Automated
Passengers or add. Crew = Up to 19 {Max. life support 25}


Main Reactor K-82 M / AM Dilithium      Back up Reactor KF - 12B twin fusion


Warp Propulsion System Drive Type TFS B'REL Number = 2 - Inline

Impulse System Drive Type K - TI Number 2


Standard Cruise Warp 5.0
MAXIMUM Cruise Warp 8.0
EMERGENCY (Sustainable for 12 hours) Warp 9.0
Core Failure imminent warp 9.9


Disrupter's - Type K-IX projectors                Number of Units - (2)
Range - 120,000km                                 Arcs - Port / Starboard wing fwd
Photon Torpedoes - Type K-XX II, (Seeking & Direct)
Number of casings - (26)                                 Range - 1,000,000 km


Deflector System Model - KD-7c
Cocoon Cloaking System - R-211 hull conformal
Wing Control - {Atmospheric & space flight}
Transporters - 4 Person & cargo
Embarked Craft = 2 Personal Transport Vehicles (PTV)

The B'REL class ship is primarily a scout ship.
The other type of Bird-of-Prey is the K'Vort class. These cruisers are much larger.
This is a the floor plan of a B'REL class Bird-of-Prey.  Each room is marked numerically.

1. Bridge
2. Captains quarters
3. Turbo lift
4. Mess hall

5. Crew quarters
6. Food prep/storage room
7. Bathroom
8. Crew quarters
9. Crew quarters
10. Crew quarters
11. Crew quarters
12. Crew quarters
13. Crew quarters
14. Infirmary
15. Crew quarters
16. Computer room

17. Crew quarters
18. Transporter room
19. Bathroom
20. The brig (2 holding cells)
21. & 22. Crew quarters
23. Cargo bay

Crew quarters 5 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 17 21 23
have been specially modified  to allow for ether awake warriors or those in cold sleep

present the
Lorenssith Experimental scout Ship   (LEX-1)
IKV Blood Sword

     The B'REL Bird of Prey class scout is a seasoned, sturdy and very reliable design. Its model was introduced in the 2270s & has gone through numerous and frequent technology upgrades and refining. This has made it THE mainstay for small independent operations of the Klingon Imperial Navy. Its one of the reasons why this old design has never been considered outdated. Instead it is updated with new inner values while adhering to the traditional shape & superstructure. The B'REL is so much a part of Klingon traditions that all attempts to introduce different scout classes have failed. Once the B'REL was the smallest of a line of similar looking, but larger scaled vessels. The only survivor is the K'Vort class battle cruiser. The other designs have been mostly given up on.
     B'rel scouts are often used on long range missions despite the obvious hardships of it's lack of space or comfort. Their strength is the B'rel's finely honed cloaking system, maneuverability, & weaponry. Which is significant when compared to the size of the vessel. Combining this with its ability to perform atmospheric flight and landing adds to the value of this fine small ship. The fact that almost every Klingon has served on this class during their military career makes it universally usable on short notice.
    Its major drawbacks, the small stock of photon torpedoes and its lack of flexibility have been offset by the Lorenssith refit.  Its sensor systems & cloaking device have been updated to match any ship in the fleet.  It advanced automation has made it possible for only two to pilot & fight the ship as needed.  Extra crew, torpedoes, marines or shock troops can now be carried as necessary. This increases the types of missions which can now be implemented.
    A larger number of older versions of this class have been sold to other races, including Ferengi, Orions and independent mercenaries. The cloaking systems had have been removed from most of these and in most cases they are in bad repair because of the lack of specialized know-how. It has been reported that several B'rel class vessels are in use in the occupied cardassian territories and contacts within the Obsidian Order have confirmed their use in raids against Cardassian installations inside the Cardassian Union. On several occasions these ships have been found spying within Federation territory as well. Three to four of these vessels can & could be considered a serious threat to a light cruiser even without a Klingon crew.